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Tampa Bay fishing

Tampa Bay is an extension of the Gulf of Mexico and covers over 400 square miles and holds more than 200 species of fish.  It is considered to be Florida’s largest open-water estuary that is composed of costal mangroves and marshes to the underwater meadows of seagrass.  The vast ecosystem supplies species of all kinds with shelter and a continuous supply of food. Its vast area makes it an active fishery making it a world-renowned fishing destination for anglers all year long. 

Fishing within Tampa Bay is always more than just fishing. The bay supports a vibrant ecosystem that is so abundant with wildlife and aquatic species that will continue to offer many wonders.  An inshore fishing trip doubles as a beautiful nature tour as the mangrove shorelines and the sandy beaches of Tampa Florida provide homes to more then just fish. You are guaranteed to see flocks of exotic birds, dolphins, and even manatees during the winter months. Want to experience the thrills of an inshore fishing charter plan your vacation now with Captain Frankie at Inshore Rush Fishing Charters.

Rules and Regulations

FWC (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission) sets rules and regulations for all fish and wildlife species within Tampa Florida. They manage these resources to ensure their long-term well-being and the benefit of people.  These rules are continuously changing and must be closely monitored in order to ensure the proper guidelines are being followed. For up to date information visit:


 While on your Inshore Fishing Charter you may come across some of the most common species of Tampa Bay:
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