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Fishing Tampa Bay in the Summer

Fishing the the summer time in Tampa Bay can be great if you can withstand the summer heat and surprise rain showers that Tampa Bay brings. In order to be successful at catching fish though, you must apply some basics concepts to your fishing technique. These techniques are different then those used during the winter months.

During the summer months the daily tides bring more water onto the flats then what you would see during the winter time in Tampa Bay. The increased amount of water on the flats benefits both boaters and fish. More water on the flats increases the area in which fish can travel as well as areas that boaters can now access. Areas that may not hold water during the winter now contain enough water for fish to move through them. These higher tides not only allow the fish to move more freely but for boaters to get closer to the areas that the fish like to inhabit

It is very important to pay attention as you approach the flats to ensure you are not running over the fish that you are trying to fish for. These higher tides on the Tampa Bay Flats are deceptive to where the fish may be. Although you can get closer to shore does not always mean that the fish are closer to shore. If you rush to the mangrove lines you may not ever see the red fish, snook or trout as you've blown right over them.

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